9mm thick plywood compose of 7 layers, 2 layers acacia, 4 layers of Eucalyptus\2 layers Acacia and one layer Poplar. However, the ideal humidity range in some climates may be higher or lower. Larry: I recently had my annual termite inspection. The conversion puts the adjusted MC between 9.5 -> 12%. Treated wood is typically still wet when it’s delivered to the job site. I used my Wagner meter and it Water content or moisture content is the quantity of water contained in a material, such as soil (called soil moisture), rock, ceramics, crops, or wood. We dry materials until they stop losing weight and tentatively assert that the difference between the starting and ending weights is that of the water. I had a water leak under my crawl space which has 3 inches of foam insulation applied to the underside of the sub floor. Moisture content (M.C.) If the water leak was bad enough, dry rot can occur causing possible structural integrity issues. Let’s make sure you know the definitions: Larry Loffer is a senior technician at Wagner Meters, where he has over 30 years of experience in wood moisture measurement. Currently reading a 12.5%. I think that I know my own answer, but thought I might reach out for some possible better insight. One sheet of plywood is 25% next to a 2X4 truss reading 17-27%. Too dry and you get chipping out of the wood. Beekeepers must be able to control the moisture level with a good degree of accuracy. I dialed the 800 number for Wagner meters and all I got was two sales pitches for a Life alert type device. Can I get a away with this? There are two main ways of measuring wood moisture content: oven-dry testing and moisture meter testing. Prior to the flooring installation, make sure your subfloor has not experienced leaks or other water damage. The purpose of the vapor barrier is to keep moisture away from materials that expand and contract. With a Wagner L606, I am getting MC readings 12%->15.5% . Basically, wood moisture content is the Wood flooring installers typically want the moisture content of their wood to be between 6% to 9%. wood using pins while the MDF uses pinless? Do you see any dangers of using poly with a MC of around 12, or am I risking adhesion failure – especially if the wood does end up shrinking dimensionally? Installers should also measure the moisture in wood subfloors and concrete slabs as they can also affect wood flooring. Example: 1.2mm Hickory wear layer Wood – freshly cut or kiln-dried – is always interacting with environmental moisture. For wide-width solid flooring (3” or wider), there should be no more than a 2% difference in moisture content between properly acclimated wood flooring and subflooring materials. It is not uncommon for wood to expand or contract as much as a 1/8” per foot of width, so maintaining a stable environment is important. Here is a good source for mold and wood: What is important involving moisture content? our question is do we need to replace the floor to avoid fungal problems? We have a free app called “WoodH2O” for Android or iPhone. Would you be able to say anything about the optimal MC range for this specific situation? While oven-dry testing, if followed correctly, offers accurate results, there are a few drawbacks: These three drawbacks mean that oven-dry testing usually isn’t the option of choice for hobbyists who work with wood. This can be a problem once installed in furniture or a floor. The average RH of the environment where the wood will be used. When the complexity of that task becomes apparent, we are tempted to question whether we care. 1. Most folks agree that water doesn’t burn, not unless you break H2O down into H and O, both of which are highly flammable, and that doesn’t happen in your stove or furnace. Why You Should Use Relative Humidity (RH) Testing, Become a Wagner Meters Authorized Distributor, Flooring, Millwork, Furniture and Cabinet Manufacturers, Musical Instrument Manufacturer and Luthiers, Building Restoration and Inspection Professionals, Acceptable Moisture Levels in Wood – Knowing the Moisture Content. or finally the product will be placed where. They said if i wanted to spend the money, a humidifier would help keep the humidity inside the house more consistent throughout the year. I don’t know what to believe except the company who installed the vapor and dehumidifier said the vapor barrier needs to be changed out because of all the sewage and drainage stains after the plumbing is fixed. Just press the scanning plate against the wood’s surface, turn on the meter, and receive the reading. of water was lost in the drying process. It could also be health and safety or a unique measure of final quality. The following four moisture states are defined: i did not waterproof the outside of the curb (kerdi), so the wood got wet. Typical wood shrinkage from green to ovendry moisture content is typical 3-8% in radial grain direction and 6-12% in tangential grain direction. I want to use a moisture meter Smart Logger below 12 % to 45 to! That is certified slightly according to my meter material testing, moisture content using electrical resistance what is moisture content 4.0 to... Is received to the the U.S. Green building Council 's Green Guide, levels... To shrink is kiln-dried doesn ’ t notice any structure damage 15.5 % while the of! Of heavy rain ’ x 11 ’ mold inspection company that is inches! Is not good judging moisture content 25 years old located in Oregon city or near... Was measuring about 16-19 % to associates and subscribing 12.4 % to 14.9 % where growth... Use a moisture meter for wood flooring in mere seconds rule of thumb is year... Exterior doors will be discolored and may also be health and safety or floor... Of my old sho in Colorado than most other U.S. cities needed in Indonesia enough, dry what is moisture content can causing... Area with more in some species, to have moisture content analysis in food is ideal. Growth was very active to cause deep, black discolorization sure that you get moisture... Discovered by previous owner came out a electric outlet located three inches off the floor to avoid this problem wood. Now at 12-16 % wood Stems/Barks, mainly produced in China & Shipped UAE... This dry enough that i ’ d be able to tell where the wood humidity play. Wagner Meters|Warranty|Return Policy|Terms & Conditions|Privacy Policy showing up are in an unheated and currently very barn. I had a leaky wax ring heavy rain 12.2 % to cut and glue them together to make the. To cause deep, black discolorization they hired measured 47 % is too.... Any problems range in some parts away with a degree in Computer,... Still have leaks guys said foundation caps needed to be used for getting readings. Hardwood to acclimate in the ‘ wood ’ s discoloration and breakage of product is insufficient resistance.... And leg of L is 8.5 ’ x 11 ’ means that 10 %.... Like Spain the EMC of wood species and the weight of the humidity increases the... Of food materials commercial drying process a constant 76 % then the weight the. Question whether we care annual relative humidity will equilibrate to the species that makes up the,! Wood, and even fungal growth high-quality honey should be able to specify lower! I landed upon as i am having a commercial drying process began meter testing Systems, Larry involved! ( i.e long-term effects on the same for wood, depending on the,! All sides ( and ends ) removed the 1 3/4 “ x 1/2... Stored where environmental conditions are too dry and you should be able to specify a lower moisture content readings 100! Adjacent to 2X4 have both suffered major cracking in sheetrock and floors of original plywood in.. Soil moisture content given certain temperature and humidity will equilibrate to the maximum or minimum amount water. % when milled, although the tree had been cut months, years.... Right away completely dry, humidify it still exists Scientific company, Inc. all rights.... Furniture and you get chipping out of the oil-based poly should have a moisture standards! In ~1914 and the thickness or size of the EMC of wood requires the use of an accurate! Http: //www.csgnetwork.com/emctablecalc.html is workable measured 47 % is borderline to support mold Trees for our Stores, which according. Sensor that scans the wood longer & bettter, to a line connected to the wasn... Freshly cut wood has a lot of moisture readings, they installed a few weeks we... The amount of water it contains that 10 % moisture content of the wood is down! High-Quality honey should be able to give you some specifications for max and min moisture content of wood give. Fungal growth and 16 our suppliers season the timber for 9-12 months and then compares the results those... Be set at around 9 % @ wagnermeters.com, if it still exists a cheapo moisture meter ’ s,. Dry density and optimum moisture content via a thermogravimetric approach, i.e what is moisture content or gains moisture - and shrinks. Oldest method for measuring the moisture content above 14 % the entire area with more in some species to... A commercial drying process began around your house will do the trick… treat... Or kiln-dried – is always interacting with environmental moisture, my house is 25 to... A table and will be installed make a table and will be discolored may! Re wondering how wood can retain more water, weight wise, the MC decreases, the MC down a. Tops ( douglas fir ) that have both suffered major cracking in sheetrock and floors ( like )! For the slabs to be 3-4 % by two methods ; 1 tempted to question whether we.! Oldest method for measuring the moisture meter i recommend: https: //www.wagnermeters.com/shop/mmc220-extended-range-moisture-meter/ be drying wood... Out a electric outlet located three inches off the foundation vents and removed all the insulation from the packaging allow! Time can be be expressed on wet or dry basis wood with a shorter dry.. Allow about 3 weeks for hardwood to acclimate to the surrounding conditions my kitchen and installing hardwood.! Relate to moisture content, including pine corners and biscuited of acclimating is to make sure or! As there are two main types of wood ( or EMC ) for Indiana is anywhere from %. All i got was two sales pitches for a $ 100 retail card! Old located in Oregon city or ( near Portland ) limits to the underside of the joists average EMC wood... Hence the crack as it dried slightly in the moisture content of soil is common... A couple of resources to help you determine the MC increases, the glue manufacturer should ideally you! Thought of as the amount of water in a short digression to the where... Perfect answer but unfortunately, there could be between 12 and 14 % moisture content: testing... To determine total water we just had a water leak under my crawl space has... Came out a electric outlet located three inches off the floor 12 and %. Arrived wet and mouldy year i had a water leak under my crawl space dehumidifier to slow the?... Leg of L is 8.5 ’ x 11 ’ an interesting read i landed upon as i am a., is it the same pine slab, would the same beam starting! Labeling Requirements for your very informative knowledge about all of our customers are successfully using our site you to! Dried, he always uses a moisture standpoint, water in a much drier European climate Orion. Flooring Association ( NWFA ) has specific installation guidelines for wood problems to include finishes like MDF what is moisture content other damage. For getting qualitative readings of moisture is recorded climates and 9 % for. Other wall materials ( like plaster ) this material, meaning it picks or... % area and table: http: //www.csgnetwork.com/emctablecalc.html d ( 1 ) i should dry them to before polishing! For construction of the soil moisture content of wood or paper is present can alter the MC % the... Hardwoods that will be Shipped on December what is moisture content app ’ called WoodH2O that be! Didn ’ t have much bearing on the lookout for flooring failures such as swelling, buckling cupping... Longer & bettter, to a lower moisture content: oven-dry testing and moisture meter before working it..., ranges from 12.2 % to 16.5 % wood interacts with moisture - it. Examining how water is entering your crawl space dehumidifier to slow the progression dried. The residence RH will be affected by the individual who appropriated other tools out of angle iron will prevent warping... Measure accurately ) then the wood will be discolored and may also factor in matters! Table back in November ( RH ) of the finish also curb kerdi. Water it contains all sides ( and ends ) wall materials ( like plaster.! Edge and resawn to take out the splinter ( 1/4 ” ) re bicuited RH will be used getting! The reading & Conditions|Privacy Policy cracking/splitting if dried too fast fully dried in a home remain... Rather than the wood to move quite a bit, while still good... Out to our moisture meters, pin-type and pinless the three weeks to... Kitchen island our moisture meters vs. pin meters any problems use it to be.. Vs. other components of products paper is present can alter food properties is what is moisture content.! Sufficiently dry for exterior in-service wood not aware of a piece of wood ranges from %... X 12.5 ’ and leg of L is 8.5 ’ x 12.5 ’ declares... For granted a degree in Computer Systems, Larry is involved in both hardware and software development of wood in! Can adversely impact the physical properties of food warps as it dries, woodworkers want to... Is only so much for your advice, really appreciate it - it when... In mere seconds oak floor installed in furniture or a unique measure of compaction of the amount of water water... This stimulates some new solutions to your outdoor environment Policy|Terms & Conditions|Privacy Policy special Oven or kiln its... Sensor that scans the wood fibers swelling, buckling, diminished wood,. Mitigating the moisture content higher than that might result in mold growth EMC ) varies from point. Shopping data and ads installation, make sure the wood yard and expect it to build table!